With my mentoring you achieve pure presence.

In my mentoring, as in my art, I follow the feminine master pathway.
Feminine and masculine energies dance together in this process.
I accompany you into the full development of your unique personality as a woman or man. I give you the space to finally breathe, to experience yourself in your own personal authentic unfolding – and to become fully human, as you and only you, are meant to be.
With my help, you will find your calling, bring yourself into your unique expression – and also no longer be afraid to enter the stage of life in a very concrete way.

Awareness raising, voice-breath- and bodywork, impulses for your expression, the power of myths, art and humor, ancient knowledge, energy- and lightwork as well as the special healing power of my voice support you 100% – and the extraordinary creative power of the readings and designs in the Morphic Field.
Now that sounds truly magical, doesn’t it ?
Yes, it is ! I have walked all these pathways myself and have been working intensively with transformation, energy, and presence and life design since the 90s.

Here you will find my current mentoring sessions.
Good to know: The Sessions with deign in the Morphic Field are also open for people who do not work in a musical or artistic domaine.


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