This day belongs to you and your vocation.

A day of deep encounter with yourself, with me, and with the big whole from which we all come, and which surrounds us with wonders at all times.

A day in which time melts into the precious now.

Time in which you will get to know and pass through the gates into your own depths.

Time of speaking, of marveling and of silence.

Time of experiencing, being and letting go.

Time of transformation and change.

Space to experience yourself, to know or deepen your precious essence and presence.


Good to know: I approach your essence not as a therapist, but as an artist. Therefore, it is first about your artistic spirit, your inner muse – and a new , authentic connection to art as a nurturing element of your life.
Because where this essential part of our being is not lived, a lot of sorrow, unliving, narrowness and foreignness arises – and mostly a lot of confusion.
That I meet your essence as an artist means for you also the experience of great freedom and that I do not put any method between you and me. (Although I have learned many methods and techniques :-))
You will experiment the presence of me and my art works as well.

  • When you feel the deep longing to feel the pure life in you bubbling,
  • When you want to experience yourself in your essence and clear presence,
  •  When you are hungry to transform all that is out of tune – and as a consequence to come into deep happiness experience, this VIP-DAY WITH ME is the right thing for you.Examples – what my clients have experienced:
    The DAY WITH ME unfolds in each person according to their own dynamics and in connectedness.
    It can include a Womb Space Journey, a Sculpting Dialogue, the unfolding of the voice, transformation and support in artistic work, (e.g. (e.g. authorship, expressiveness), how to be an artist, goddess work, money themes, archetypes, the liberated man, breakthroughs in the realization of one’s own destiny and calling, entering into one’s own clear presence, deep recognition of one’s own being and one’s tasks, connection to ancient knowledge, delightful „aha“ moments, experiencing being female/ male anew and completely…
    And much, much more.

Your life, your longing, your tempo –
Your solution, your liberation and deep joy!


VIP day for you only – by appointment.
Before and after this day, experience has shown that there is an enormous amount of energetic activity. That’s why this VIP-day is accompanied by several Sessions with design in the Morphic Field.
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The DAY WITH ME is an integral part of the annual WOMEN IN ARTS journey and the PRIVATE MASTER for MUSES.

Oh, how I look forward to creating this powerful, energizing day with you!


What do the mentees say?

Susanna Andreini’s great, supportive presence made me feel completely accepted with my issues. So I had complete trust from the beginning and was able to open up immediately with all my blocks.
I came to Susanna in a phase where I felt like I was in a fog without a compass. Susanna helped me to clear the entire fog in just one day (!!)!
Somehow I sensed beforehand where it might be going, but through the fog I didn’t dare move in any direction, just so I wouldn’t go wrong.
This was a frustrating condition in the long run.
Since the DAY WITH ME with Susanna have now clear in front of me, which direction I will take, the fog has cleared and I go with strength and full of anticipation towards my goal!
So really absolutely recommendable!

I met Susanna Andreini and my life has changed a lot by working with her!
I actually feel more present in my environment, heard and seen. Especially seen as a woman.
Through mentoring with her I have learned to feel myself as a whole woman, to see and feel the divine parts in me. And it is good to know that there is someone who shows me the way on this journey through life, warns me of detours and dead ends, provides me with strength and helps me to overcome obstacles. Susanna Andreini was and still is such a person for me, and I am very grateful that she accompanies me on my way with her good intuition and her energy.
How beautiful it is to be on the way as a woman among such women!

I had some rough ideas about what I would like to do professionally, but wasn’t sure what was right for me. I also lacked motivation and/or confidence to really start something.
What has actually happened in my life since DAY WITH ME?
I have started to take concrete steps!
People approach me and offer their help!
I have a clear vision of the life I would like to lead.
I have more energy!
And, this is new: I get more understanding for my wishes from the outside.

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